S1104K941001T - AVO Turboworld Top Mount Intercooler

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Part #: S1104K941001T
Notes: Top Mount Intercooler
V2 Bar & Plate
Incl Throttle Body Hose
MSRP: $768.90
Your Price: $745.83


Core Color Silver

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Part Number Price Notes & Specs
S1104K941BLKT $745.83 Notes Top Mount Intercooler
V2 Bar & Plate
Incl Throttle Body Hose
Core Color Black

All Fitments

Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
2009 - 2013 FORESTER XT H4 2.5 T ALL ALL
2008 - 2014 IMPREZA WRX
H4 2.5 T ALL ALL
2005 - 2009 LEGACY GT
H4 2.5 T ALL ALL
2005 - 2009 OUTBACK XT
H4 2.5 T ALL ALL

Product Description

Efficient intercooling is another important part of AVO Turboworld’s power philosophy, by making the maximum amount of power at the lowest possible turbo boost pressure. Reducing the temperature of the intake charge going into your engine improves engine power by increasing air density, but also lower charge air temperatures reduces the chance of detonation. AVO Turboworld’s range of intercoolers increase power by greatly increasing the quantity of air the intercooler can flow over stock, as well improving the rate at which heat is removed from the intake charge. To ensure quality and performance, we pressure test all AVO intercooler cores.

AVO Turboworld’s top mount intercoolers are designed to the standard mounting points and stock turbo piping without any cutting or modification necessary. All intercoolers are created around bar and plate aluminum cores and our end tanks are made from cast aluminum designs that concentrate on actual flow efficiency instead of cheaper one-size-fits-all endtank setups.

AVO Turboworld’s top mount intercooler is easy bolt-on horsepower. The high efficiency bar and plate core design flows up to 40% more air than stock while drastically improving cooling. Throttle response and turbo spool is very good as we concentrated on efficiency across the entire intercooler,
designing the endtanks to evenly distribute the air and make the most use of the cooling capabilities available.

Combine with it our reinforced silicone throttle body hose which is a distinct upgrade to the OEM throttle-body to top-mount intercooler hose. It is a little longer than stock for TMIC fitments that need a little extra length.

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