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Bully Dog Rapid Power Fuel Reformulator UNIVERSAL

Brand: Bully Dog | Category: Fuel Additive
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105201 Rapid Power Fuel Reformulator
Case of 6, 8oz Bottles
105200 Rapid Power Fuel Reformulator
8oz Bottle
105205 Rapid Power Fuel Reformulator
1 Gallon Jug

Product Description

When added to your gas or diesel fuel, Bully Dog Rapid Power Fuel Reformulator acts as a catalyst by creating a more efficient burn in the piston chamber. A more efficient burn equals more horsepower and torque. Unlike fuel additives, the Fuel Reformulator will also increase fuel economy 3-8% (even in newer vehicles) and can produce significantly higher fuel economy upon first use. Another added benefit? Your engine will be kept free from damaging carbon build-up. One 8 oz bottle will treat up to 320 gallons worth of diesel. A case contains 6 bottles and will treat 1920 gallons of diesel fuel.

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