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COMP Cams Camshaft - XR Series UNIVERSAL

Brand: COMP Cams | Category: Cams
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57410 XR Series Camshaft
Exhaust Duration 284
Exhaust Duration @ .050 in. 240
Exhaust Valve Lift(in) 0.45
Intake Duration 284
Intake Duration @ .050 in. 244
Intake Valve Lift(in) 0.450
Lifter Type Hydraulic Flat Tappet
RPM Range 4000-13000
Usage Street/Performance
57310 XR Series Camshaft
Exhaust Duration 278
Exhaust Duration @ .050 in. 234
Exhaust Valve Lift(in) 0.44
Intake Duration 278
Intake Duration @ .050 in. 238
Intake Valve Lift(in) 0.490
Lifter Type Hydraulic Flat Tappet
RPM Range 3000-9000
RPM Range 4000-13000
Usage Street/Performance

Product Description

COMP Cams proudly introduces three new nitrided cam designs for sport compact engines. Through extensive R&D, the COMP Cams engineering team developed exclusive Xtreme Energy lobe designs to achieve the ultimate performance for your engine. Specially designed for three different engine RPM ranges, these camshafts are sold in pairs to insure the most complete components-matched performance and drivability.

The COMP Cams XR Series camshaft sets are designed to work with stock valve train components, making for a simple “drop-in” installation. Like every COMP Cams, the XR Series camshafts are manufactured to the strictest tolerances.


  • Pulls strong through RPM range.
  • Responds well to bolt-ons.


  • Strong improvement in torque and horsepower from mid-range and up.
  • Responds well to cold air intakes and exhaust upgrades


  • High RPM power.
  • Maximize H.P. gains with aftermarket intake and exhaust upgrades.

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