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Husky Liners Husky Shield Headlight Guard

Brand: Husky Liners | Category: Lighting

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Product Description

Wherever you drive, from city streets to country roads, your headlights are being damaged. Over time, your headlights become pitted and chipped from the damaging effects of sand, rocks and salt. Oxidation from UV sunlight can also cause your headlights to become hazy and yellow. This damage can drastically reduce the brightness and performance of your headlights, not to mention destroying your headlight’s appearance. Today’s polycarbonate and acrylic headlights are very expensive to replace; costing $150 to $400 or more per headlight… and that’s before installation.

Stop this damage before it starts… at a fraction of the cost. Husky Shield® Headlite Guard, a revolutionary urethane film, is designed to help protect your headlights from the sandblasting effect of flying road debris. Testing has shown that Husky Shield® Headlite Guard’s high impact-resistance drastically minimizes this pitting and cracking, while its UV inhibitors also reduce the yellowing effect of sunlight.

Headlight polishing kits are great for removing damage. However, they also remove the thin hard coat protective layer inherent to today’s plastic headlights. With this coating gone, your headlights become even more susceptible to future damage, faster oxidation and yellowing. Well now there’s an easy fix. Apply Husky Shield® Headlite Guard after polishing to regain this lost protection at the same time keeping you from re-polishing your headlights every other week.
Designed and Manufactured in the USA

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