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Mishimoto Heat Shielding - Aluminum Silica Heat Barrier UNIVERSAL

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MMHP-ASHB-1224 Aluminum Silica Heat Barrier w/ Adhesive Backing
Size 12in x 24in
MMHP-ASHB-2424 Aluminum Silica Heat Barrier w/ Adhesive Backing
Size 24in x 24in

Product Description

Protecting vital engine components from heat is tough, especially when it comes to fitting into the nooks and crannies of the engine bay. Mishimoto has devised a solution with our Aluminum Silica Heat Barrier. Our heat barrier is constructed from woven silica and aluminum mylar that protects against radiant heat up to 2000°F and can withstand 1200°F of direct heat. This heat barrier also features an adhesive backing for simple installation on uneven and tight spaces and can be easily trimmed to suit the installation area. The Mishimoto Aluminum Silica Heat Barrier is available in two sizes, 12”x24” and 24”x24”, to fit the size of your project, and includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.


  • Constructed from woven silica and aluminum mylar for superior heat protection
  • Rated up to 2000°F of radiant heat, and direct contact up to 1200°F
  • Capable of reflecting 90% of radiant heat
  • Adhesive backing for simple installation
  • Perfect for use on the firewall, floor pan, fuel tank, or transmission tunnels
  • Forms easily to uneven surfaces for flexible fitment and application use
  • Available in two sizes to suit the size of your project
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

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