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Zex Booster Fuel Pump UNIVERSAL

Brand: Zex | Category: Fuel Pumps
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
82020 Booster Fuel Pump Kit
NS6638 Small Engine Fuel Pump
NS6601 Booster In-Line Fuel Pump
NS6602 Pair of Brackets
For NS6601 Fuel Pump
NS6603 Hardware Kit for Fuel Pump

Product Description

To avoid running your performance engine lean, you need to “amp” up your fuel system. The best upgrade to use is the ZEX Booster Fuel Pump Kit. It is installed in-line, so there is no need for the mess of dropping your fuel tank. Unlike other manufacturers who just sell you a pump, the ZEX Booster Fuel Pump Kit includes all the hoses, hose clamps, wiring, etc. you need for an easy and clean install. The kit provides the potential to boost your fuel system flow capacity up to 650 hp, even on high fuel pressure turbo, supercharged, and nitrous applications. So “amp” up and ensure that you always have the fuel you need to beat your competition.

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